Anara ( Nose Rings )


What’s so great about nose rings?

Women have always shared an ages-old emphatic relationship with jewellery and the connection they have with a nose ring is just as intimate. Be it a necklace, bangle, earring or an anklet, a women’s bond with all of these is just too pure for words. Shop nose rings Online.

Tradition of fathomless roots:

Gold and Diamond Nose ring has been synonymous with our traditions and remains a metaphor of cultural significance. It is a relatively new trend in the western world where it holds no intensive meaning but remains just an added fashion statement. Whereas in our land, a nose ring symbolises a lot of hidden tales within and thus remains an accessory of heritage, a symbol of culture, superstitions, privilege and a mark of good health among others.

Historical connect of Gold & Diamond Nose Rings:

For centuries women have been correlating the wearing of nose rings with various aspects of human life including marriage, sexual health, fertility, childbirth, and other milestone happenings. Left nostril piercing is one other customary practice that traces origin to ayurvedic reasons which state that this particular section is internally connected to her reproductive health and eases the body. Spiritually, it is also believed to heal women from traumatic injuries or terminal illness.

Shop Impeccable nose rings online:

Taking into consideration this deep-rooted heritage in its origin, the Anara jewellery at Mehta are purely handmade incorporating traditional designs. We believe that the customary designs have their own flawless nature and we make sure they don’t wash away with the addition of the new age comical elements. The designs with real diamond nose screws hence remain purely traditional transcending the core values that we own tracing back to generations. This site has a collection of nose ring made of gold and diamond and present them to your online convenience.

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