Canary Collection (Yellow Diamond)


What’s so special about Yellow Canary diamonds?

Canary diamond are considered to be the rarest kind of yellow diamond which are popular among the masses for their brilliant colouring and beauty. They are also a trendy alternative to the conventional clear white diamonds and the most popular variety of coloured diamonds. Also called ‘yellow stones’, they are now popularly sought after to revamp the old jewellery collection and they are attached with a very deep contemporary significance.

Festive Yellow diamonds collection

Canary jewellery is now symbolized as a remark of love, devotion, and timelessness. Because of this, many couples seek them out especially on auspicious occasions and they are commonly preferred on engagement rings due to their dazzling colour and style. Being the most alluring among all the other coloured stone, it is also competitively affordable giving it an edge over the others. Canary collection got its name from a sweet little songbird as it mirrors the bird’s beauty and vibrancy along every inch. They are also awarded as the best workwear jewellery by Retail Jeweller India on the basis of design element and philosophy.

What Mehta Jewellery have for you?

The impact of traditional jewellery (Yellow Diamond) accessories transcending generations has been a consistent phenomenon all along. The canary diamond collection at Mehta infuses the spirit of heritage in their roots. Shop for amazing canary jewellery at ease and take home the best jewellery in town by buying them online here on this site.

Our timeless treasures have been here in Chennai since 1911. We have been serving three generations by now. Being a trusted name for all this time, we can give you our word on uncompromisable quality, flawless design nature and an affordable luxury that is worth every last penny!

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