Cocktail Rings


Extravagancy of the cocktail Rings Design:

Cocktail Rings trend traces its origin back to the 1920s. cocktail refers to any piece that is crafted with a large piece of stone as the centre of attraction. With an elaborate cocktail rings design and a super sparkly finish, it holds its significance. Recently it is also used as an emerging trend setter, as it tones down the necessity for wearing any other elaborate jewellery. The one noticeable aspect of diamond cocktail jewellery at Mehta  jewellery is that we construct every piece with utmost precision. Cocktail rings tend to have a weak structure especially on the prongs, they should be given due attention to not be thinner than the threshold, if it happens, then the stone will be held loosely in the setting.

Diamond & Gold Cocktail Rings:

Cocktail have now been sought by women to wear not just at parties but even on a lot of formal and casual occasions. It is now a signature piece to showcase royalty in every pixel. Our breath-taking display of cocktail rings can blow your sock off and put you in the spotlight. Our carefully handcrafted collection with a bold expression of finest craftsmanship can add matchless value to your fashion sense.

Mehta’s expertise:

Our timeless treasures have been here in Chennai since 1911. We have been serving three generations by now. Being a trusted name for all this time, we can give you our word on uncompromisable quality, flawless design nature and an affordable luxury that is worth every last penny. Cocktail jewellery collection at Mehta infuses the spirit of heritage in their roots, while also retaining a contemporary finish, thus making it wearable with any outfit of choice. Shop for cocktail jewellery at ease and take home the best jewellery in town by buying them online here on this site.

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