Jhumka Earrings


Significance of Jhumka earrings

Earrings have been a part of Indian culture for thousands of years. Jewellery is considered as a symbol of pride and status for Indian women. The attraction for Jhumka earrings jewellery has been so important that it has become a part of our tradition and culture. Earrings come in all shapes and sizes now. But the most popular ones are the jingly and beautiful and Jhumki earrings. ‘Jhumki’, earrings are traditionally bell-shaped earrings that have decorative, hanging, jingly elements. Shop at Mehta Jewellery – Gold and Diamond Jewellery Online shopping.

Our latest traditional Jhumka collection

Check out our latest designer collection of Jhumkas with traditional designs with a trendy touch that will instantly elevate your outfit. Indian earrings are generally made of gold and silver with innumerable designs and elements, which surely gives an elegant look to the wearer. They are loved by women for the characteristic jingle sound from the hanging elements that make them look more energetic. The design has hanging decorative elements and is loved for the distinctive ‘jingle’ of these hanging elements. It is a great piece of jewellery that has been in existence since ancient times and is widely used around the world. Women in villages in India wear jhumkis regularly.

Accessorise your outfit 

Explore our exclusive collection of these earrings on Mehta’s with designs that will make you look traditionally fashionable and make you stand apart from others. These Jhumki earrings will look great when accessorised with gold pendants or chains. You can get designer jhumkis in both traditional and contemporary designs. The delicate perfect finishing makes these earrings a great accessory for any outfit. We have the best collection of traditional jhumkas with a huge variety of designs. They can add along as a great accessory to our gold pendants available at our online store. The different styles of handcraft and designs will surely make you love it. The fusions and patterns give you a great look for any outfit. You could shop from varied designer collection of Jhumkas to get that great traditional look with a trendy twist.
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