Our Story

The rise of the bequest


More than a hundred years ago, the Mehtas migrated from Palanpur, Gujarat, to settle in south India. In 1910, the late Bapalal Bhaichand Mehta established Bapalal & Co in Rattan Bazaar in what was then George Town, Madras. As it grew to become a popular jewellery retail house, he invited Surendra and Harindra, his nephews and eldest brother’s sons, to join the business along with other members of his family.


Bapalal Mehta had travelled to Antwerp, Belgium, in 1932 to learn diamond-cutting. It was he who taught Surendra about diamonds. In those days, the laws in India did not permit the import of cut and polished diamonds, but finished diamonds could be exported. When he travelled abroad, Surendra would himself select the rough diamonds to bring home. These would be cut and polished and exported as finished diamonds.

Still Counting...

As business grew, so did Surendra Mehta’s legendary expertise in diamonds. His younger brother, Harindra, specialised in gemstones and jewellery manufacturing. The Mehtas became trusted jewellers to some of the best-known families in the region. The scale of operations of Bapalal & Co, which encompassed diamonds and gold jewellery, and silverware, expanded to include the younger generation as well. Surendra Mehta’s sons, Tushaar and Abhay, and his youngest brother, Naresh, soon joined the family business. The patriarch then went on to establish a separate family venture, Mehta Jewellery, a name which continues to be synonymous with quality, trust and care.

With a legacy of over 101 years and counting, the Mehtas have built a glowing reputation burnished by years of commitment to the customer, and goodwill earned by offering nothing but the very best. Mehta Jewellery has two showrooms in Chennai – one on C. P. Ramaswamy Road and the other in Khader Nawaz Khan Road.