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Care of Jewellery

Anything precious must be looked after with care. And so it is with jewellery. Every time you wear a piece of jewellery it must look as good as new. So, here are a few tips that will ensure your ornaments always look bright and beautiful.

Clean regularly

The jewellery you use regularly tends to attract grease and dirt over time and must be cleaned at least once a month. Place your jewellery in a bowl of warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Rub gently with your fingers. Rinse well under flowing water. Pat dry using a soft cloth. Use a soft brush to loosen stubborn dirt. Take care not to immerse closed-set jewellery in any liquid.  

Also, some gemstones, especially organic stones like coral, pearls and turquoise, should not be immersed in liquids. Filigree jewellery requires careful and repeated cleaning to remove stubborn dirt.

Keep the gleam on your diamonds

Diamonds need extra care to keep them at their brilliant best. Skin oils, soaps, cosmetics and cooking grease accumulate and dull the shine of your diamond jewellery. A clean diamond not only reflects light better, but also looks bigger. Dip your diamond jewellery in a bowl of warm water mixed with mild soap. Brush gently. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft, clean, white cloth like mul-mul.
Play it safe

Be seated when you put on your jewellery. This will lessen the chances of pieces falling down and breaking or getting lost. Before you put away your jewellery, wipe each piece with a soft cloth to keep it free of perspiration, oil and perfume. Replace screws and fasteners of earrings and bracelets when you put them away to ensure that the stalks do not bend or break, and the screws/fasteners do not get lost or misplaced.
Avoid the rub

Store jewellery in suitable cases and in such a manner that no two pieces touch one another. Friction causes tiny scratches that dull the metal as well as the stones. Enamelling / minakari on jewellery can crack and fall off when pieces of jewellery rub against each other.
Don’t go soft

Store your jewellery in a proper jewellery case or the hard box provided. Do not carry jewellery in soft pouches. Impact and pressure during travel may lead to bending that may damage joints and settings.
Leave your diamonds alone

Special care must be taken not to jumble diamond jewellery in a box, drawer or jewellery case. Diamonds, being the hardest of gemstones, can cause scratches to each other as well as other jewellery.

Cooking and jewellery don’t mix

In the kitchen, take some precautions to safeguard your jewellery. Rings, bracelets and bangles must be removed before kneading dough or washing dishes. Strong chemicals and bleaching agents can cause corrosion and discolouration of gold and silver.
Save the best for the last

While dressing, wear your jewellery last so that it does not come into direct contact with cosmetics, perfumes and oils. These can cause damage and corrode the sensitive surface of organic gems like pearls and corals. Before putting away your jewellery when you remove it after an event, do take a few minutes to wipe each piece with a soft cloth to remove traces of perfume, perspiration or cosmetics on it.

Know your ReCollection and Jadau jewellery

Inspired by the rich and varied heritage of India, ReCollection is the Mehta line of antique designs adapted to suit modern trends. These pieces are created in the finest Indian traditions and handcrafted using natural, treated, synthetic, and/or semi-precious stones. The production of these pieces may require the use of shellac, or metal/paper foil to enhance the colour or appearance.

Such jewellery may tarnish because of oxidisation due to the presence of alloy in the metal or silver foil which may be use in Jadau/ReCollection jewellery. Please wrap each piece separately in a soft cotton cloth and place in a box that is free from the smell of glue, perfume, etc.

Care for the setting

Closed setting

Gem-studded jewellery, set with a closed back, must only be wiped or brushed clean. Never soak or immerse closed-set jewellery in water or other liquids; these can percolate into the setting through microscopic pores and dull the brilliance of the diamonds and gemstones.

Remove all closed set jewellery before a bath to prevent water, soap or oil from percolating into the setting. If not, the only way to restore its beauty is to re-set it.
Open setting

In open setting, diamonds and gemstones are held by prongs. Such jewellery must be worn and handled carefully. Prongs can get damaged when they get caught in loose threads and zari on garments.
Come home to us at least once a year

Jewellery set with stones and worn regularly should be checked by a jeweller at least once every year for the strength of its setting. We will gladly provide you this service.
And consider this

Although not common in India, it is prudent to insure your jewellery against loss and theft. Ask for insurance forms at Mehta. We will be happy to be of assistance.