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Building a legacy brand in the jewellery business is a lifelong pursuit. It requires a deeply conscious understanding of your customer and their needs; boundless creativity to craft ideas into tangible, joyful products and experiences; and a spirit of inclusion that inspires and empowers everyone along on the path. We now introduce you to our management board that leads Mehta Jewellery with clarity of purpose and ambition to power ahead.


Backed by over 40 years of experience in diamonds and jewellery, Abhay heads Mehta Jewellery. Raised in a typical family business environment, he joined the company right out of school. A graduate gemmologist from GIA (USA), he began his career in 1981, learning to brute and cut diamonds, and hand-craft them into beautiful ornaments. He earned his MBA from IIM, Bangalore (IIM-B), and it was under his guidance that in 2003, Mehta Jewellery became one of the earliest jewellers to get ISO certification for Quality and Design. He is a member of several social and professional organisations, including the Entrepreneur Organisation to whom he attributes his visionary thinking and success. He served as their Regional Director for South Asia in 2018-19.


Niyati has a degree in management, and she trained in jewellery design under reputed jewellery designer Rajeswari Iyer. The dual qualifications along with Niyati’s innate good taste and appreciation of fine jewellery enable her to stand tall in the jewellery design space. In a company that was traditionally an all-men’s domain, Niyati is the first woman to formally join the board as a partner. Her involvement in the business brings a keen feminine perspective to jewellery design, aesthetics, and management practices as well. As a patron, she is also closely involved with some of Chennai's leading social organisations, such as Ladies Circle, Innerwheel Club of Madras , FICCI Ladies Organisation.


Akshay is the youthful face of the company today. He has a Bachelor’s degree in the interdisciplinary studies of Computer Science / Math and Film/Video Studies from Purdue University and a Master degree in literary and cultural studies from the University of Hong Kong. He is also a Gübelin-certified coloured-stone professional. Akshay plays an essential role in customer-facing interactions and is currently involved in the company’s branding, website and digital transformation efforts. He brings varied talents ranging from photography and marketing to content creation that help to widen and strengthen the group’s presence across digital platforms.

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