Mehta Jewellery nurtures a rich legacy of over 100 years of excellence in the jewellery business.

The company traces its roots to 1910 when the late Bapalal Bhaichand Mehta established Bapalal & Co. in Rattan Bazaar in erstwhile George Town, Madras. When his venture’s popularity as a jewellery retail house grew, he invited his teenage nephews and eldest brother’s sons — Surendra and Harindra Mehta — to join the business.

Under Bapalal’s mentorship, Surendra specialised in diamonds, while his brother, Harindra, developed skills and a passion for coloured gemstones and manufacturing. The brothers’ legendary expertise in diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery manufacturing grew as the business grew.

The scale of operations of Bapalal & Co., which encompassed diamonds, gold jewellery, and silverware, expanded to include the younger generation. Surendra’s sons, Tushaar and Abhay, soon joined the family business.

Tushaar studied metallurgy at IIT, Madras, and trained under his uncle, Harindra, from whom he absorbed a passion for design and manufacturing and developed a discerning eye for gemstones, which continue to be respected hallmarks of Mehta Jewellery.

Abhay attended the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Under his father Surendra’s tutelage, he learnt every nuance of the business, carrying forward the heritage of excellence in diamond selection, commitment to quality, and keen attention to customer needs.


In 1992, Surendra went on to establish an independent family venture, Mehta Jewellery, a name which continues to be synonymous with quality, trust, and care in a design language that honours the past even as it keeps pace with changing fashions and trends. Mehta Jewellery are trusted jewellers to well-known families in the region and take pride in their continued patronage—in many instances, over four generations.

With the march of time and the passing of Harindra, Tushaar, and Surendra, the legacy lives on under Abhay’s able leadership, capably supported by his wife, Niyati, and son, Akshay.

Over 110 years and counting, the brand has built a glowing reputation burnished by years of excellence in design, artisanship, customer commitment, and goodwill earned by offering nothing but the very best.

The company’s showroom is situated on C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Chennai. Mehta Jewellery has no other branches.


Mehta Jewellery continues to carry forward the heritage of the late patriarch, Surendra Mehta, of providing quality (Raasi) diamonds complemented by excellence in design and manufacturing, which were the late Tushaar Mehta’s forte.

The company was the first to introduce platinum, white gold, and black diamonds in South India. We began to export and exhibit jewellery in the USA in the 1980s and continue to cater to a considerable customer base there.

Mehta Jewellery has manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Mumbai, as well as in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India. We also source select jewellery from places such as Coimbatore, Kolkata and Delhi.

While the brand enjoys a long-standing reputation for its diamond jewellery, Mehta Jewellery also specialises in sourcing unique, high-quality gemstones; identifying and training craftspeople; and nurturing the jewellery-making skills and artisanship for which India is renowned.

The journey continues with the company embracing digital technology to design and craft jewellery and to be accessible to customers.

There will be pivots in the times ahead but rooted in our legacy, Mehta Jewellery will continue to write new chapters. We invite you to be a part of our story.